35 Good Essay Topics to Research & Write About

When writing an essay, your topic choice determines the motivations towards the topic and the ease in research and writing your paper. It is thus crucial that you find great essay ideas for your paper, presenting original insight, relevant to your essay prompt.

Unfortunately, the plethora of topics to write about often makes it hard to select a topic for your research. This article will cover tips on how to find topics for an essay and highlight some interesting essay topics to guide you in topic selection. 

How to come up with essay topics

Coming up with good investigative essay topics calls for much consideration. As such, selecting a topic for an essay on a whim is a blunder bound to cause a series of headaches in writing. Also, poor topic selection may impair your focus on the essay topic, compromising your overall performance.

Some of the steps to follow when selecting your topic are:

  1. Read the essay prompt

Poor understanding of the assignment is often the precursor to a myriad of topic selection issues. Before diving into research, you must gauge the assignment prompt to highlight the key phrase and scope of your assignment.

  1. Brainstorm

After understanding the assignment, think of the interesting topics you have come about relating to the assignment. This allows you to gauge the areas that pique your interest and also to identify the topics that are familiar to you. 

The topics you come up with during brainstorming should inform your research and guide you to select a topic that piques your interest, ensuring you enjoy the laborious task of investigating and writing about your topic. 

  1. Research

Before you settle for any topic, research various emerging issues on the topic and also the background of the topic. This not only allows you to select a topic that allows you to offer fresh insight but also to familiarize yourself with the background of your topic. 

As you perform your research, narrow your focus to a specific issue that can be exhausted within the prescribed word count. you could select two or three interesting topics to gauge the one that is easier to address, saving yourself from challenges in the latter writing stages.

  1. Develop an outline

After selecting your topics, develop an outline to gauge the extent to which a topic can be investigated. The outline will allow you to gauge the word count of your essay and also to compare the abundance of sources within each topic.

If you are unsure about your selected topic, consider reaching out to your tutor with your outline for guidance on the areas that require further analysis. Also, consider seeking expert help for guidance in analyzing your topic and coalescing relevant resources relating to your topic. 

Good topics to write about

Descriptive essay topics

  1. Describe a situation that altered your life. 
  2. Describe a leisure activity you enjoy. 
  3. Explain your first year of college. 
  4. What kind of career do you hope to land once you graduate? 
  5. Describe the nicest trip you ever had. 
  6. What sport is your favourite? 
  7. Give an account of your nightmare. 

Evaluation essay topics

  1. How university soccer teams affect the character of young guys 
  2. How the actions of basketball supporters improve the players’ enjoyment of games 
  3. What roles did men and women play in contemporary love movies? 
  4. Do historical movies aid in the study of history and the memory of important past events? 
  5. iOS and Android comparison 
  6. Analyse how well technology is used in education. 
  7. How do pupils perform when there are mental health issues? 

Expository essay topics

  1. The Problem of Social Unemployment 
  2. Social Media’s Positive and Negative Effects 
  3. The Causes of Loneliness in Contemporary Culture 
  4. Should money be spent on space exploration?
  5. The Aspects of Ethics in Management 
  6. An Overview of Feminism in the Victorian Era 
  7. Computers’ Impacts on Environment and Human Life 

Good reflective essay topics

  1. My initial middle school day
  2. Comparing middle school and high school studies
  3. Mentoring’s effects on school-aged youth
  4. My future predictions
  5. the places I avoid, and the reasons why
  6. A time in college when I felt proud
  7. feeling terrified and unsure of how to handle it

Process analysis essay topics

  1. How can a washing machine be fixed at home?
  2. How can you write more legibly?
  3. How do I compose an essay for college?
  4. How does DNA replication happen?
  5. What is the process of cognitive behavioral therapy?
  6. How do ads affect the way you think?
  7. What effects does CO2 have on the environment?

Final take

We hope that this guide has helped you overcome your challenges in selecting an essay topic. Feel free to consult our experts on any challenges within your academic journey to access custom help for various fields.

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